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The KMS tuition service was created as a provision designed to bridge the gap for those learners not engaging in any form of education. KMS created a nurturing environment in which young people could have a positive learning experience and re-engage with education. Tuition referrals are made by local authorities, parents, schools and other professionals and can be individual or as part of a small group.

We have a range of experienced tutors who create learning programmes bespoke to the needs of the young people. Sessions can be delivered in a range of environments.

Service 3 from Kent Mentor Support

Tuition services can include delivery of mainstream sessions on behalf of a referring school to increase engagement in an alternative environment and also used as an interim for children and young people who have not been able to secure a school place.

Students report that tuition sessions have increased their levels of self-esteem, confidence and engagement, specifically those who were unable to previously apply those skills.

Who Do We Support?

We are able to support children and young people who are not accessing conventional school placements due to a variety of unique circumstances.

These can include:

  • Young people with temporary or permanent school exclusions,
  • Young people new to the area who are exploring other local school placements,
  • Young people struggling to cope in mainstream school or within special provisions,
  • Young people educated within the home environment due to physical, social or emotional mobility restrictions